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Smart Home Experts work alongside our partners to ensure you get the highest of quality product and installation services. With our combined effort we can offer tempting prices that can suit any budget.

As smart technology develops, the opportunities for automated technology and integration systems grow. Various automated management systems including lighting control, heating, and control systems have already been developed. It is made apparent to us that energy efficiency is now more important than it ever has been and we cannot achieve optimal efficiency just on our own. This is where automated systems help promote energy efficiency and prevent negative economic effects. Although automated systems help, they can also add costs not just in money but in labor. Lots of wiring is needed for integration systems and this increases the risk of hardware failure due to the mass of the wiring. Hardware failure can result in things like fire, and high costs. KNX can help prevent these things.

Lutron is a well-known company for its advancements in lighting and interest in the subject. Lutron is constantly making new products that support the development of automated lighting. Lutron offers automated smart lighting control and automated blind services. Lutron is a popular brand that is favoured by lighting specialists worldwide.

Lutron allows its services to be used commercially and for personal use. This means that it could be installed anywhere you need it, business or residential. Their systems can be used for whole facility controls or individual room controls. Lutron is at the top of its field, they are very reputable and their products are reliable.

ELAN is a company that strives to bring smart home services to their peak. Constantly trying to improve the system since 1989. ELAN developed a smart home control system which won awards. The multipurpose system can be used to control all smart systems within your home. Including, lighting, climate, TV, and audio. Utilizing the user-friendly interface allows you to control your smart home from any room in your house or any location in the world.

Google nest is a system which priorities easy-to-use smart home systems. They offer a variety of systems including speakers, TV, Lighting and more. It can all be controlled via voice assistant or app. Google nest allows you to easily stream any content you desire to any screen that is smart compatible. Some devices that are commonly found within the nest are, google home, speakers,

thermostats, lighting and more. With the intelligent system, it enables you to play music anywhere in the home and it will be heard around the home. Additionally, google nest offer other smart home devices. You can be sure that your home will be protected with google nest fire alarm installation and intruder alarms. Google nest also offer router systems so that you can be sure that you will not lose a signal from your internet while roaming around your home. Google nest is reliable especially with the huge google name backing it up.

The Bradley collection offers supreme curtain pole systems and will be sure to have a design that fits your facility’s aesthetic. Curtain poles at The Bradley Collection are made with the highest quality materials, with the utmost respect and with durability in mind. These poles are made with strong metals with a smooth, aesthetically pleasing finish.

You can be sure that The Bradley Collection has the correct colour palette for you. The design choices almost feel limitless with the different types of finishes that are available. From liquid metal, and steel, all the way to wooden finishes. If décor is an important factor in your curtain, then The Bradley Collection is for you!

Cedia is an organization that recognizes professional smart home installers. We cannot express how proud we are to be a part of this organization. What does it mean for you if we are CEDIA members?

Cedia verifies that we are professional smart home installers. So, you can rest assured that we will bring you the best service possible. Cedia also offers training services to our engineer to ensure their skill is up to check

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