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Multiroom SolutionsTechnologies such as TVs and speakers are becoming more and more common in everyday households. You are way more likely to see them now than you would a few years ago. A Smartroom consists of a video system, audio system, and a control method. No matter where you want your multiroom to be, the Smart Home Experts can ensure that we have a solution for you. We can guarantee that our system will fit any room within your home. The bedroom, the living room, or even the outdoors. Our systems can be controlled via a remote, or touch screen device, or all your multiroom devices can be controlled via a smart home app. We can interlink every room so that it can be controlled separately and remotely. GET IN TOUCH WITH OUR TEAM TODAY TO FIND OUT MORE ON 0800 470 3993 OR 07700 178 212

Smartroom - Video

We understand that there is a huge amount of TVs to pick from out there. To make things even harder all of them have different specifications that you need to worry about. Resolution, height, thickness, and even screen type. Here at Smart Home Installers our Smartroom engineers will take care of the situation and find the best solution for you. Under your guidance and specification, we can help you find the best television that suits you and your needs. Our engineers are also responsible for placing the TV within your desired space. TVs also contribute to the aesthetic of the room, we will also consider this when installation is present. Please do not be afraid to talk to our engineers regarding TV specifications. There are many different qualities of Television out there including 1080p, 1440p and 4k. We understand that these values can be confusing and that it can be hard to find the right one. So let our specialized experts help you today on 0800 470 3993 .

Smartroom – Audio

Smartroom Audio SolutionsThere are a variety of ways that Smartroom audio can be implemented into the room. Having the systems implemented within the décor of the room preserves the aesthetic of the room without having the appearance of a speaker system sticking out like a sore thumb within the room. Having your system blended in with the décor of your room offers many advantages. It ensures that there is no devices that are in the open so that they are harder to break, and gives your room more space for other purposes. Our smart audio systems can support multiple speakers around the room, so no matter where you go in the room the music will still follow you.

Multiroom Smartrooms

Our Smartroom systems are made of some of the most advanced smart technology. Our systems allow you to control different rooms individually if you have multiple smart rooms present in your home. It is flexible, fast and stylish, especially when everything can be controlled from our app on your smart device. To set these systems up, a heavy amount of smart home automation installation knowledge is required to install it. You need multiple devices for each room, and it can turn out to be quite complex in comparison to a single smart room installation. An advantage of having multiple smart rooms interlinked is because of versatility. If you are moving rooms while watching a movie, then our smart systems can display the movie on every accessible TV within the home.

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