Electronic Curtain Pole Specialists

The Bradley Collection is renowned for both the exceptional quality of its drapery hardware and its custom fabrication service. The brand’s guiding idea, “if it can be done, it will be done,” has been repeatedly shown in products designed for residential and hotel use globally. There is a solution for even the wackiest or most difficult interior design projects that need for high-quality bespoke curtain hardware, whether they are little and subtle or large and extravagant in style.

The Bradley Collection includes seven collections of custom drapery hardware, spanning in style from Arts & Crafts to modernism and covering motorization, cording, gliding track, and traditional pole with rings technically. We take pleasure in our offerings, which starts with the materials they use and the way they craft them, using only high-quality authentic materials handcrafted for the very finest finish.

Every collection is fully customisable to suit the client, in terms of hardware length and bracket projection, system scale and surface finish and virtually all collections can be professionally curved or bent to exact angles and measurements. Completely bespoke hardware designs are also created on request.

Variety Of Choice

Personalised Service

Dedicated To Electric

Unrivaled Finish

Fully Custom Solutions

Why Choose The Bradley Collection?

Enhanced Security

Enhanced home security is one of the main reasons why our clients opt for automated curtains. The ability to have your curtains open and close, even when you are not at home

Ease Of Use

If you or someone you love has restricted mobility and you find opening and closing curtains challenging, then fitting an automated curtain track will make life so much easier.

Child Safety

Of course, safety in the home is paramount, especially with young children around. By automating your curtains then there are no dangerous loops of cords, making your curtains extremely child safe.

Follow the sun

Your curtains gently open, adjust, and close when you get up, work from home, or settle into a quiet evening, guaranteeing the ideal balance of natural and artificial light. For your best visual comfort, the natural light in your home is gentle and consistent throughout the day.

Energy Saving

In summer, as soon as the temperature inside exceeds 25°C, your curtains close automatically. It’s such a simple way to protect your furniture and plants, and keep your house cool. In winter, your curtains open automatically to let the sun shine in. Its warmth heats your home and improves its energy efficiency.

Control with your voice

On rainy weekends, you adore watching movies as a family in the late afternoon. You start your movie scene using your smart speaker. To reduce glare, the automatic curtains draw, and the lights go out. We're prepared to have some fun together!

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